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What you owe yourself

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

There’s a sobering idea I have encountered recently which has taken up more real estate in my head than I’d like to admit. It’s this: This world doesn’t owe you anything. I think that can be a hard pill for some of us (me!) to swallow. I a lot of us (me!) are waiting for something fantastic to happen to us. To be at the right place at the exact right time, to meet the person that will flip your world upside down, to have a LinkedIn recruiter see your incredible work experience and show up in your inbox with a six figure job offer (actually I know people this has happened to, but let’s all agree it’s not the norm), for a video to go viral and just like magic, everything will start happening.

Part of the problem is we sit on social media every day, watching Tik Toks and Instagram posts go by of people who have had stuff start happening for them. They’ve started a business, they’ve gained financial freedom, they moved to their dream city. We’re waiting for the day that our dreams “happens to us” and spoiler alert, I don’t think that’s how it all works.

The world doesn’t owe you your dreams, you owe you your dreams. You owe it to yourself to work extremely hard, to take risks, to put yourself out there. YOU owe it to yourself to make things start happening.

Even though the steps are scary and challenging, go after what you want and work hard for it. God has placed you at this time and place for a purpose and there’s probably a dang good reason your heart beats fast and hard for those dreams in your head. You’re meant to make an impact on this world only you can make. The world may not owe you anything, but everything is out there for the taking if you're willing to go after it.

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