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Life can be a little scary...

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Every October I get a little giddy. Much like people who look for the first available day to listen to Christmas music, I count the days until it’s somewhat socially acceptable to put out pumpkins. I don’t know what has captivated me about Halloween. Or maybe I do. As a child it was the times spent at the pumpkin patch and carving massive pumpkins with my dad, the full blown halloween parties and the epic costumes, but as an adult it’s been a bit more raw perspective. I’m not one who enjoys the goriness of “real” halloween, opting more for the Disney films than the slasher horror classics, but I do appreciate that Halloween is a holiday that doesn’t sugar coat the truth, life can be a bit scary.

There’s always something lurking around a corner, ready to mess up your plans and send you running the other way. Always someone with not so great intentions. And sometimes you just make the bad decision to walk down the dark basement steps alone. There will be pitfalls, wrong turns and moments that make your heart race.

I used to live life only looking at the happy, pretty side. I didn’t want to deal with the scariness that living life on a broken planet can bring, but that’s all changed in the last few years and I’m all the better for it. I’m more fearless now than ever before. I think that’s what facing the scary things in life does for us-makes us fearless. It doesn’t mean going through it won’t make your palms tremble, hair stand up on the back of your neck or bump and bruise along the way, but you learn to carry on. Whatever you’re facing in life today, just know that this life wouldn’t be real and raw if we didn’t feel scared from time to time. You will make it, you will defeat the monster, you will outrun those chasing you, you will stand victorious at the end-fearless.

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