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I'm so proud of you.

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

To every girl who needs to hear this, I am so proud of you.

I am so proud of you. I am proud of you for falling in love, even when you didn’t realize it. You fell with no regards or fear of the future. When the future came, it came rough and fast. You ended up splayed out on the concrete with little memory of how you went from the atmosphere to the asphalt.

I am proud how you experienced such a broken heart, you felt the emotions, so deep, so often and didn’t shy away from the pain. I am proud of how you’ve healed. You’ve sought help, you’ve asked hard questions and provided even harder answers, about who you are and how God is working in you. I am proud of you for staying when you thought you couldn’t, when all you wanted to do was run. I am proud that even though bitterness, anger and resentment still find you on certain days, you say a prayer, releasing all those people you want to put on a hook into God’s hands.

I am proud that you’re being generous with yourself in the daily process of becoming. You are no where near perfect, you never will be and I’m proud how okay you are with that. I am proud of you for killing it at your job, ground zero so to speak, you’ve carried yourself to new heights. Heights that can only born out of a fierce determination, that only God gets His way in your life, nothing and nobody else.

I am proud that you are trusting others and opening yourself up. You have no reason to be embarrassed, defeated, to feel lesser than. I am proud of you for dancing, for putting on your favorite dress and driving to that place that always holds freedom for your soul despite the memories that can haunt you. I am proud of you for laughing, resting, building. I am proud of you for allowing this year to make you more of you and not the someone it could have turned you into. I am so, so proud of you.

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