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..and when I’m back in New York I feel it 

I’m quickly approaching eight months in New York City. My goal in moving was to do an update every month, but the new year quickly changed that rhythm. No sooner than getting back to the city for New Years, I left again and what was supposed to be a week away, turned into almost six weeks when all was said and done. I will perhaps cover the life that occurred in that long absence away from the city at another point and time, but for now, I’ll pick up arriving home mid-February, bitter cold and also catching a cold myself. Welcome home, much love, my battered immune system. 

The late winter and early spring have offered me a lot of new experiences in the city. My roommate, Ashley, and I promised each other we would spend one day a weekend adventuring to new places. A lot of those weekend adventures have consisted of days spent strolling in the Lower East Side, East Village, and the West Village. We’ve added new pizzas to our pizza tour list. Scars and Mammas Too. Both did the job and did it well. My official ranking for New York Pizza now stands at 1. Joe’s 2. Mamma’s Too (the Angry Nona Slice) 3. Scars (the hot honey Slice). We’ve found bookshops that double as coffee shops and bars, quaint and quirky boutiques, and vintage thrift stores. 

My weeknights have also shifted to some new adventures. I’ve found a workout class I love called Mile High Run Club (think Soul Cycle, dark basement with loud music vibes, but treadmills instead of bikes). It’s fascinating how in a city existing off a life of walking three times the average person living anywhere else, a lot of people ALSO love to run, like a lot (somehow they’ve also lured me into this routine as well now). 

I’ve also found a church in the city, Redeemer East Side. Along with it, I’ve joined a weekly community group. Over the last few months, they’ve become people I look forward to catching up with - we grab tacos at Taco Tuesdays and spend time together studying the bible and praying for one another. Also, a quick plug for the hosts, they provide some of the best snacks I’ve ever had - charcuterie boards, homemade coconut bread, and cookies the size of your face - the UES sure knows how to do community groups. 

I will say the church community in the city has been refreshing. It’s diverse, both in people and thoughts. It’s authentic - the people who carry faith with them in the city are somewhat aware of the minority they make up, so they don’t take it for granted. 

As April quickly approached I eagerly anticipated the blooming of Cherry Blossoms across the city and in Central Park, what I didn’t anticipate were the gorgeous flowers that showed up on every street. For most of the streets between 2nd Avenue and 5th Avenue on the Upper East Side, every flower box (they hold trees and sit about every 30 ft lining the streets on both sides) bloomed with the most incredible display of tulips and daffodils. Every block has different colors, from pink, to yellow, red, raspberry, orange, white, and purple, it’s incredible. I kinda always assumed tulips were bougie “buy at the store” flowers, but apparently, in the city, they’re just everyday sidewalk flowers! 

Hobby wise I was inspired to start my homemade sourdough bread journey (yes-I know I’m about 4 years late to this). I whipped up my first starter in late February. It’s now late April and I think out of five loaves I’ve made, about two have been decent. It's a work in progress, but I think I’m getting so close! 

Overall, I don’t have much to say except for the fact that I still love it -  every block to the park, every tree I pass now coming back in color, every step up to my apartment, every breeze turning warmer and warmer as the days creep towards summer. 

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