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Amen for Honey Nut Cheerios

Did you know Cheerios makes heart-shaped versions of their cereal every year around Valentine's day? They’re pretty cute and equally delicious. I know this because last spring they were the only thing I could eat. I carried a box with me everywhere I went- I deemed them my emotional support Cheerios. You could find a box in my car (with plenty spilled in between the seats), a box in my office, a box in my pantry at home and even one beside my bed in my room. Life had turned upside down pretty quickly the first week of February and my stomach/appetite went with it, so I clung to my yellow and red boxes as an attempt to keep food in my stomach.

I was filled with fear and anxiety over my best friend being diagnosed with cancer, another best friend and coworker leaving our work team, holding way too much at work and all the while feeling like my body and mind did not belong to me anymore because I couldn’t get them to function properly.

However, fast forward about eight months, this past week I was passing by the kitchen at my new office and noticed they had stocked Cheerios in the cereal bar wall-and not only that, but they were heart-shaped cheerios! Talk about a God wink. It made me sit down and reflect a bit.

Recently I have been a little freaked out again by change, but it’s been a good change this time around. I finally moved jobs, I get to travel and work remote now, my friends are all doing good and life is starting to feel on the upswing again. But it’s also so different and it doesn’t help the fact that I went and dyed my hair spontaneously about a week ago.

I sat staring at myself in my mirror the evening after and realized even with good change I have no idea who I am right now. Or what I’m doing. Or where I’m going. However, seeing those Cheerios reminded me where I used to be and that is more than enough to stand where I am in complete gratitude. And to be okay with the big questions in life right now. We’ve all done incredibly hard work of growing, changing and adapting and that is no small feat, so just take a moment to be proud of yourself.

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